Faites vos voeux!

An exhibition at the Musée de La Poste (hosted by the Musée du Montparnasse), Paris, showing until 3rd January 2015.

Faites vos voeux! (Make your vows!) brings together thirteen French and international artists who draw on the concept and imagery of the ex-voto.

I stumbled across this exhibition by chance when I was in Paris earlier this week, and will be writing a full review in due course, but for now here’s a link to the museum website for anyone who can make it to Paris before January 3rd. It’s a really interesting show – very ‘body focused’, with lots of pieces responding to the themes of fragmentation, death and decay. There are some more upbeat works too, like the series of colourful wooden ‘retablos’ by Coco Fronsac, which depict celebrities as saints surrounded by collections of miniature attributes.

Oh, and you can also post ‘E-ex-votos’ on the Musée’s Facebook page for the duration of the exhibition!

Jessica Hughes

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