Motivated by a recent discussion on The Votives Project Facebook page, we’ve started to compile a list of places where votives can be seen today. Hours of opening are correct at the time of writing, but we advise double-checking before you arrange your visit.

We welcome your suggestions for additions to this list! You can add comments in the Facebook group, or email us directly at the addresses on our Open University webpages (links via the About Us page).




Votives can be found in countless Catholic churches around Italy – silver body parts are particularly common, and are often found hanging near to the altar, or near statues in side chapels. The following list (in progress) mentions churches with larger collections of ex-votos, as well as museums with significant collections of Roman and Etruscan votives (again, these are common finds in many archaeological museums, especially in central Italy).


Fondazione Per Grazie Ricevute. A foundation dedicated to the study of painted ex votos, which organises regular thematic exhibitions. Address: Casa del Manzoni, Via G. Morone 1, Milan. Open Tuesday – Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 2-6pm. TVP Posts about Fondazione PGR: Our Daily Bread, An exhibition of ex votos in Milan, and A new exhibition of votives from Mexico.

Naples and environs

Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Arco. A Catholic sanctuary in the town of Sant’Anastasia near Naples – painted votive tavolette are displayed on the interior walls. TVP posts about Madonna dell’Arco: Ex votos at the sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Arco, The Festival of the Madonna dell’Arco.