Our Daily Bread

Yesterday (11 March 2015) saw the opening of a new exhibition of ex-votos curated by the Fondazione Per Grazie Ricevute at the Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan, entitled Give us today our daily bread: The Earth, the Harvest and Food from Antiquity to the Present.  

The exhibition centres on the age-old themes of food, the earth and the harvest – themes which will be explored and celebrated all across the city of Milan this year as part of the 2015 Expo. It comprises 32 ex-votos dating from between 1700 and 1900, originally dedicated in churches all over Italy.

The Fondazione P.G.R. explains how ‘these votive tablets recount a fascinating, enchanting story about the eternal gratitude of mankind for the harvest – which has consistently been understood as a sign of life, a source of food and rebirth, symbol of abundance and means of exchange. The ex-votos are documents which bear witness to other historical eras, situations and ways of life…. Food is central to many these votive tavolette, whether this means a harvest being saved from hailstorms and fires, or a cow emerging unharmed from a stable in flames.’

‘The exhibition will immerse the visitor in colour, imagery and culture. It includes some rare tavolette including one example showing a little girl running away from four angry geese after having stolen an egg from one of them, and another scene offered by a country worker who was saved after an apple fell on his head.’

You can read more about the exhibition and the Foundation on the Fondazione Per Grazie Ricevute website.

‘Give us today our daily bread’ runs from 11 March to 2 April 2015 at the Palazzo Giureconsulti – Camera dei Notari in Milan. Entry free. Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.


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