Etruscan Votives (an audio interview with Professor Jean MacIntosh Turfa)

Photograph of Professor Jean MacIntosh TurfaWelcome to our first TVP audio interview!

Alongside our usual blog posts, we’ll now also run an ‘audio stream’ for sharing informal interviews with friends and colleagues who work on votive offerings (as well as other ‘votive sounds’, from rattly terracottas to religious processions). Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute, or if you have a suggestions for future interview guests or topics. We also welcome feedback on the idea and interview format (which is still a work-in-progress!).

Our first interview guest is Professor Jean MacIntosh Turfa from the University of Pennsylvania. Jean is one of the inaugural members of The Votives Project, and she has written widely on Etruscan culture and religion. In this track, we discuss a variety of votive-related topics, including Greek epigrams, mirrors, anatomical votives (particularly uterus models), animal sacrifice, healing, bronze figurines and the brontoscopic calendar.

You can listen to the interview on The Votives Project Podcast Channel or on Soundcloud. We’ve also posted a reading list below, if you’d like to explore this topic further.


Jean MacIntosh Turfa votives podcast


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Further reading (books and articles)

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